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The invitation-only island of Niihau

The invitation-only island of Niihau As we scanned the heavens, clouds skittered across the blue. The helicopter did not. Pilot Dana Rosendal, who grew up on Oahu and has been flying for the company for eight years, got us settled and seat-belted, and we were off, whisking the 17 or so miles across the sometimes-rough Kaulakahi Channel. "Kauai steals all the rain," Rosendal explained. Whereas parts of Kauai bathe in rain (the summit of Mount Waialeale is said to get 400 inches a year), Niihau gets a dozen or so. It was 1863 when Elizabeth Sinclair's sons, James and Francis, first saw the approximately 17-by-5-mile island. It had rained heavily the previous two years, and the land was electric green. It would be, the men thought, a good place for a ranch. So Sinclair passed on other parcels of land she had consi...(read more..)

More cash in our homes

More cash in our homes The following is sample content taken from Canadians continue to have more than two-thirds more equity in their home than Americans, according to a new survey. The study for the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals shows Canadian homeowners have, on average, 72% equity in their house, compared with 43% for Americans. "It is a very positive part of the Canadian housing story," said Jim Murphy, chief executive of Toronto-based CAAMP. "Canadians pay down their mortgages. Canadians are just more conservative than Americans." The study also found that Canadians have dramatically reduced the amount of equity they are taking out of their home. A year ago 22% of Canadians had accessed the equity in their home through measures such as lines of credit....(read more..)

Hello world!

Hello world! Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!...(read more..)